Stealing an idea

Ok, so I have decided to do something I wouldn't usually do, and just for fun answer one of these questionnaire things. I stole it from Melissa, who I think stole it from other blogs. Apparently you are meant to answer with one word. Not sure I can do that, but I will give it a red hot go..

1.Where is your mobile phone? Out on the kitchen bench

2.Your hair? In a stupid boring same-as-always pony tail then kind of looped back over. I desperately need to go see my hairdresser. In fact, she was asking David the other day when he got his hair cut, when I was coming in because "her roots must be soooo bad by now". Um. Yeah. They are.

3.Your mother? Busy. Recovering from breast cancer.

4.Your father? At work. Or overseas. Somewhere doing his philosophical best to change the world.

5.Your favorite food? Mum's tomato pork casserole thingy. Chicken Parma.

6.Your dream last night? That my sister was getting a divorce. That I was buying a house-AGAIN. I dream nearly every night about a house. Some of them are the same house, sometimes they are different ones.

7.Your favorite drink? Alcoholic-Jim Beam, not that I drink at the moment because I am still breastfeeding. So non-alcoholic-coffee

8.Your dream/goal? To bring about social change and educate and support people who have a child with a disability.

9.What room are you in? Study/Spare/Junk room

10.Your hobby? Probably blogging. Other than that, renovating and gardening.

11.Your fear? Losing David, Ryley or Braeden. I know that Ryley has a shortened lifespan, but I have no idea how I will ever continue to breath without him (or David or Braeden for that matter).

12.Where do you want to be in 6 years? Halfway through my Masters degree and hopefully getting some work published. Plus I want to have started building out beach house project (we are going to buy a house by the sea and renovate it and make it fully accessible for families who have a child/adult with a disability. The plan it to make it avaliable at a very very low cost so that families who might not be able to go on holidays because it is too hard can. So anything you can think of-hoist, high fences, bathing/showering, sensory room, spa, and theatre room will all be there. It is so that families can get away together and have fun and relax without taking half the house with them!)

13.Where were you last night? Home where else?

14.Something that you aren’t? Patient enough

15.Muffins? Banana and choc-chip.

16.Wish list item? Outdoor spa

17.Where did you grow up? East Warburton VIC, Melbourne VIC

18.Last thing you did? Gave the boys their water bottles and ushered them to the car. David was taking them to Bunnings.

19.What are you wearing? Work clothes

20.Your TV? Big HD widescreen thing. Ryley can finally see it and enjoy his racing cars and Playschool (with some Wiggles in there occasionally).

21.Your pets? 2 dogs, Charley who is a staffy cross and Stanley who is a Labrador cross. Also a cat Mollie who is a bitch.

22.Friends? I have the most wonderful supportive friends ever.

23.Your life? Busy.

24.Your mood? Pretty good for once.

25.Missing someone? Always

26.Vehicle? Which one? I drive a commodore wagon. I also have my pride and joy Falcon XE. It doesn't go. Plus David is driving his brothers camry, he has a WB Holden ute which is not on the road, plus he has two commodores which are basically paddock bombs. So we have 5 cars all up. And only one is decent. Hmmmm.

27.Something you’re not wearing? A proper bra! I am still in a maternity one because I am BFing still. It has been years...I wouldn't mind being able to buy some nice lingerie again...!!

28.Your favourite store? Wilson's fruit and vegies. I love being surrounded by all that fresh produce. Not to mention the yummy deli stuff.

29.Your favorite colour? Pink. Black. Blue.

29.When was the last time you laughed? When I was outside playing with the boys on the trampoline.

30.Last time you cried? Today, when I was reading the beautiful words of another blog.

31.Your best friend? David. I am lucky enough to have a few best friends. They know who they are. They are beautiful, inspiring and strong women.

32.One place that you go to over and over? Work.

33.One person who emails me regularly? Mum, with new pics of my neice usually.

34.Favourite place to eat? Home. Now that the Amphi Pub isn't open anymore.


  1. Oh Anna. #11 breaks my heart. I was saying that that is my greatest fear. But in your life, it's a reality and it takes my breath away to just try to imagine how you cope with that looming.

    I hope it is many, many, many years away. Or better yet, that a cure is found.


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