What's on for YOUR weekend?

What are you doing this weekend?
I plan to be up and out the door, at the shops by, say, 9:01am.
I know I will be up early. That is a given.
The boys have an appointment for a haircut at 9:00am. David takes them for that.
This will be Braeden's first proper haircut.

I have one day to do ALL of my christmas shopping.
Yes, you heard me. ONE day. So by 9:11am, I will probably be over it.
Crowds annoy me. People at christmas shopping time annoy me. It's like everyone suddenly becomes even ruder than ever. They become impatient, they are angry, and they will knock you over a hundred times to get to the last 'must have' item.
I hate it.

I lose my patience very quickly. I snarl at people who look like they are going to annoy me. I pre-empt my snarl by a sarcastic smile, or I look 'em straight in the eye and dare them to stand in my way. I hate how people stand in the way, chatting to each other as if oblivious to the rest of the mad sea of people who are rushing to get their shopping done. Even a firm 'EXCUSE ME' is ignored.
Oh silly me, politeness is not welcome in the days of christmas shopping. No No. Ho Ho.

I will need an IV drip I think.
Given that I now view the world through a foggy haze (is that just the weather, or is it my eyes that are clouding over?), I am certain that I will be unable to tolerate a single person unless I am hooked up to that bittersweet black stuff that clears the fog for a while.

So that's my Saturday.
Wish me luck?
Or let me use a stink bomb, so I can do my shopping in peace (allbeit stinky peace).


  1. I'm Christmas shopping tomorrow too. Although I have to confess...I am looking forward to it!


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