I survived..

My christmas shopping experience wasn't as awful as I was expecting. Perhaps because I ran into people that I knew, so it was nice to talk to them. I managed to buy quite a few presents, though didn't quite get it all done.
Our christmas party celebrations start this weekend and I must admit I am very much looking forward to getting our tree up tomorrow and decorating the house. I pulled the box of christmas stuff out of the cupboard and Braeden got straight in and pulled out lights and tinsel.
Our party fun kicks off this weekend with two parties, the SMB Children's Centre party (Braeden's daycare centre) and then our traditional one with the Wheelers and Kricaks. I think the kids will be well and truly worn out!!

We are going to make some decorations this year, so stay tuned for some pictures of our creations!!


  1. Glad it wasn't as bad as you expected. My shopping went well except that I can't locate a Barbie Pink campervan anywhere in Sydney! Probably not something you have to worry about with boys!

  2. Can't wait to get our tree up as well, and I so envy that you've got some of your shopping done. I am just starting to feel a panicky niggle at the thought of shopping - ack three and a bit weeks to go :)


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