Not fair

Poor Ryley.
He was so sad tonight. He wanted to help me fill up a pot of water, and as he was climbing up on the chair he slipped and he fell down. I missed catching him because I was completely distracted by Braeden who was sitting on the toilet and tearing toilet paper up. Ryley was just completely devastated by the fact that he fell. He sobbed his little heart out.
So did I.
Sobbed with him.
I asked if he was frustrated that his body didn't work for him and he looked deep in my eyes and I knew the answer.
I know he watches Braeden do all these amazing things. He tries desperately to get his body to do the same things. He gets so angry with me for not helping him and for not always understanding what he wants.

Why can't I make things ok?


  1. Oh Anna...The hardest thing about being a mother is not always being able to help your children when they need it. Sometimes there is nothing you can do no matter how much you want to.
    Poor old Ryley! I feel so sad for him. And for you. But don't beat yourself up over things you can't control. Try to remember all the wonderful things you DO do as his mother. And there are millions of them! (and I'm not saying that because I'm your mother!)xoxoxoxo

  2. Well said Anna's mum!

    Unless you find a way to add the missing link to the 4p chromosome... i don't think you can make things okay! What you can do is keep doing what your doing which is being a fabulous, supportive and loving mum. WHS or not, your a Mum, it's only natural to feel the way you (we) do.

    Since Elliott's party he has begun to squeal and whinge with frustration and i totally empathise with you about us not always understanding them, it's bloody hard on the both of us...but we do our best...and that's all we can do mate. Try not to be so hard on yourself...he will always love you!


  3. Oh that would break my heart too. How utterly frustrating for Ryley.

  4. Anna, thinking of you and Ryley, I understand how tough it is and how crap it is too when your child's body does not work like the miracle that are younger siblings! take care Bron xox


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