Night Terrors

Braeden has just started having night terrors through the night. Bit scary really until I asked a couple of the girls at work who reassured me that they were normal.
The last few nights (which, incidently coincide with him sleeping in his big boy bed) he has woken up screaming and trying to either climb his chest of drawers, or try and hide under the little ledge on his bed.
I knew that he was still technically asleep, because he wouldn't even respond to his name despite his eyes being open.
Anyway, it is reassuring to know that it will pass, and to just let him go whenever he next wakes up.

The things you learn along the way hey?


  1. Hmmmm the last 2 days and nights, as soon as we put Ellie in bed, she screams with real FEAR, she is hysterical. And last night 3 times I heard her scream for 1 second and then that was it... No idea what is going in or if this is something similar... who knows????

  2. They're scary aren't they. Hope they pass soon.


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