Just 'cos

I haven't done a Just 'Cos for a while. So here are a couple of pics.

Yes, he is walking UP the slide. Why? Because he CAN!

Braeden stuffing his face as usual.

Those toys all go to bed with him at night too...


  1. Love the photos... Great slide... may need to find out where you got it... I cannot beleive how braeden has changed.. I know I haveny met him, this is just going on photos, but he looks like a real young boy now. Great photos... !!! P.s Hope you are well x

  2. Great pictures, the boys are just adorable!

  3. @ Mel-The slide cost $27 from our local Toyworld. So cheap! And Ryley absolutely loves it because he can actually go on it by himself!

    @ Thanks Kristy!


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