Too much time on my hands?

More than likely.
Or perhaps it is more a case of me procrastinating as per usual.
Instead of cleaning the house, preparing a gourmet meal for tea and running 12 laps of the Lake, I decided to create a 'Fan Page' on Facebook for this blog.

So join it. And now I feel like writing 'or else' after that.
In all seriousness, it really is just another way for me to educate people about WHS, stay in touch with families, and a place for me to continue to raise awareness about issues facing families who have a child/adult with a disability.

Plus, not everyone blogs or comments, and it is just another place for people to ask me questions or respond to my posts.


  1. I think it is a great idea. The more people who know about WHS the better!! You are doing a fantastic job with this blog. xxx This is mum. Don't know why it comes up as anonymous....Oops, it didn't... ???

  2. Great idea :) I hope you get a heap of fans :) (I'll join up as ond next time on facebook :) )


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