Our new baby

So, we went out to buy some fish for our newly acquired fish tank.
We came home with Rex.
Mmmmmm. Not sure how that happened, but the kids love him, so do our other dogs. Mollie the cat...well see if you can find her lurking in one of the photos..she has already made it clear she is the boss of the household (not us humans).


  1. He is SO CUTE (your cat not so much...)! That is exactly why I need to stay away from pet shops.

  2. LOL. Our cat is the crankiest cat you could meet. She is so strange. She wants pats and affection, but only a little bit, then when she has had enough she swipes you. But whereever we go she has to be there. It's like she is supervising us!!

  3. I can see why you came home with Rex, those big brown eyes are irresistable, and he looks very much at home with your gorgeous boys ! Your cat however does appear to be scrutinising me through the photo...She obviously has a very strong personality !



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