Wrong side of the tracks

Most people who know me in real life or follow me on Facebook will know that we live 'in 'da hood'. Our street is a bit like a crime show. You know, always something happening and cops doing awesome things.
Just last night in fact, a couple of cool looking detectives were 'roughing up' the 13 year old next door over something he didn't do.
Nice one CSI.
Last weekend saw the burning down of the resident pedophile's house which, as it turns out, allegedly was set alight by himself because he didn't want to live there.
Word on the street too is that last week there was a drug bust on a house a few doors up over the road.
I certainly didn't hear that one.

You would think we wouldn't want to live here.
But actually, we do. For now anyway.
The thing is, we know most of our neighbours. The ones on either side we would do anything for, and they would do anything for us, and they do.
We have two big scary dogs (well ok, they bark and Charley looks scary-truth is she is so old she has no teeth, and Stanley is the one that would chew your arm off, if only he was brave enough to go near you), and we have almost all our big fences up. Plus me and David are scary people. We can yell loud. Especially at teenagers who piss us off.
The only time we have felt a bit concerned was one night ages ago when there was a brawl that had spilled out from the Bowling club up the road and our whole street seemed to be a battle zone. Cops didn't take long to get here though, so I was impressed.

So we live on the wrong side of the tracks. Although according to the lovely real estate agent I was talking to the other day, we could get a shitload for our house if we wanted to sell right now, though if we waited until the new shopping complex was put in up the road we would get even more. Well it doesn't take a genius to figure out that we would wait to sell until our house was worth more. Oh, and probably it would be a good idea to finish the renovations too. It might be worth more then too.


  1. How are the renos going? Will they be finished in time to enjoy them before the shopping centre is built and you run away with the load of money you will get from selling?


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