Surprise Surprise...

So the Ketocal delivery to Australia has been held up.
I am so shocked by really...can't you tell?
Apparently there is some emergency stock somewhere that the dietician and representative from Nutricia are trying to get. Ryley is listed as needing it critically, but you know, that only really means he will get whatever supplies they can find first.
The dietician said that if worst came to worst we can do Ketogenic PEG feeds another way. She said it is hard work, but we can definitely do it. Oh joy.
I do trust our dietician though. I know that she is doing everything humanely possible to get it sorted for us. Not only is she giving me updates as soon as she knows something, she is also in contact with our local pharmacy (who have also been wonderful) and is breathing very heavily down the neck of the Nutricia representative (who is also desperate to get it sorted). Our Judy is not one you mess with.

So, I wait with baited breath for our next update.

Another story for the crazy files: Last night at around 11:00pm we heard a noise outside and our dogs barking like mad. Turns out it was a kid (around the age of 14-15) trying to pull down and steal our christmas lights. David yelled at him and he started to run off with an extension cord in his hands. He soon dropped it and ran for his life when he turned and actually saw David. Seriously, we have about 5 lights up, just enough to be a little festive and some kid wants to pull them down? This kid shouldn't even be out at this time of night wandering the streets.
Oh dear.


  1. Geez Anna - the last thing you should have to worry about is feeding Ryley! I know I probably can't, but if I can help in any way please let me know.

  2. It shouldn't be this hard should it.., thinking of you & hope you get it sorted SOON!!'


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