Yay December!

Finally it is time to put the christmas tree and decorations up!! Although we won't be getting our tree until Thursday, at least we can put the decorations up!
I can't wait to make some yummy christmas treats, and to put the lights up. We have already been giving the Wiggly Christmas DVD a workout!
I love creating the christmas magic for the boys. Ryley loves the song 'Jingle Bells' and both the boys love dancing to 'Go Santa Go'. The first thing they did when they got up this morning was put their santa hats on!!So very cute.
Not that we forget about the true meaning of christmas either and do have a nativity scene and we talk often about why we actually celebrate christmas.

So stay tuned for some festive photos...

And stay tuned for my 100th post. It is going to be a special one.


  1. Looking forward to those photos! Make sure you take one of them wearing the santa hats!


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