It's started

The whinging that is.

Ryley is bored.
He is sick of the trampoline. He is sick of the swings. He is sick of his climbing frame. He is sick of the Wiggles and PlaySchool. He is sick of his cricket set, puzzles and paint.
"Is it time to go back to school yet?"

We have 5 weeks to go.

It is doing my head in. Braeden refuses to have daysleeps, and spends half the night up feeding as a result (he is overtired and trying to calm himself, but even the BF isn't working). And Ryley spends the day doing THAT NOISE.


I am going to have to draw up a timetable I think with planned activities. I will have to be specific. I will have to allocate time for certain things...

I guess I am just one of 'those' mothers. You know, the ones who dread school holidays. You know, those terrible, horrible, heartless mothers who don't want to spend time with their children. 
Yep, that's me.
Actually, I am one of those mothers who desperately wishes her nearly 8 year old son had some friends he could invite over for a play. I wish he had friends who would phone up, spur of the moment Can Ryley come over for a play today? I am one of those mothers who wishes her nearly 8 year old son could entertain himself. Play some stupid computer game on his own, read a book, or ride his bike. Hell, I would even settle for a nearly 8 year old kid who could tell me what he wanted to do.

Instead, I have a nearly 8 year old kid who needs help on the trampoline, he needs my help on the swing, he needs my help to fingerpaint, he needs my help to read a book. And me, being the terrible mother that I am, also has a nearly 2 year old who is right in the thick of being unable to regulate his emotions, who needs help, but doesn't want it, who clings to me because he wants as much attention as the nearly 8 year old...

So yeah.
Back to my timetable.
It will seriously be the only thing that will work I think. If I divide the day up into half hour blocks of activities, then surely we will all get through the holidays??

So let me see, that is 35 days to fill with activities. The kids are generally up at 6:30am everyday and go to bed at approx 6:30pm (Braeden at 7:30pm). So that is only 12-13 hours per day to fill.



  1. Dont feel bad - I also kind of dread the holidays. Trying to keep my daughter occupied the whole time (and add a guilt trip that I am not doing enough therapy) is doing my head in!

  2. You are not alone Anna. I have moments too when I wish Caitlin did not have to rely on David or me to entertain her for a majority of the day when she is at home. It's hard I know. But then I feel guilty because it is not her fault that she does not have 'friends' that call and ask for her to sleep over or come around to play with her like 'normal' kids do. It breaks my heart sometimes because she would absolutely love to have friends like that. Shaz x

  3. Hey Anna,
    my two are just like your two - AHHHH! I think Lachie started climbing the walls last Monday. It's really frustrating all round when they don't occupy themselves at all and can't tell you what they want - plus if you are anything like me I just look at Lachie and I feel guilty as he's bored. How about we get all these kids together next week? Let me know if you want to. I dont mind where. Hope you are ok. XX

  4. Thanks guys. I think in some ways it is the guilt that makes me so frustrated and upset. I really want to be able to make up for the fact that he isn't like most 8 year old, but when I try, it still isn't quite good enough.
    At least I am not alone.
    Thanks for your kind words ladies. Jen- would love to catch up next week! Any day suits me!!! xxx

  5. Your friends are kind and wise. 'only 12-13 hours per day' not that funny. I hope you have some places to visit. Barbara


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