Seizures, Tantrums

In that order.

Ryley decided today was a good day to do his whingy noise AND have heaps of seizures. I truly thought it was going to be the worst day yet.
I have a timetable.
It is only a very rough one. But it sure does conquer that noise!

I think what Ryley really misses is his routines. Plus the fact that there is always something for him to do at school, or at the very least, school is noisy and full of action. Home is just so boring and dull compared to that.
So I really need to try and create some new routines, as well as throw in some structured (and non-structured) activities.
Today, we managed to do some painting, play on the swings, play on the trampoline, watch some TV (PlaySchool and Wiggles) and...the highlight...go for a swim!
Ryley was so incredibly happy to be in the swimming pool. He loves his floating ring, and he tries to swim, float, jump, and basically he didn't stop laughing the whole time!
And the best bit of him being in the seizures and no whingy noise!!! YAY WOOHOO!!

Braeden, was a bit timid at first in the pool, but once he figured out he could walk around very easily, he became very confident and was blowing bubbles and ducking his head under the water. Even trying to copy David with a bit of swimming action!
He did have a massive tantrum though. He didn't want to get out of his little cloth bathers that he wears underneath his full body bathers. He was very dramatic about it all, and threw himself on the ground, threw his nappy away, jumped on the couch, jumped on his bed, ran around the house...all the while crying his heart out and checking to see if I was watching.
I wasn't of course.

So, after being in utter despair to start the holidays, I am feeling slightly more positive. One day at a time. It's all I can manage to think about really.

I will post some Just 'Cos photos in a minute. Just so everyone can see what perfect angels my kids are.


  1. Mine are no better and still so tired from the whole christmas thing that any activity is just an excuse for more bickering. Even better if we're out in public because then they can really put on a tantrum. 30 days until school starts and like you am just taking it one day at a time :)

  2. Anna I am glad to hear that the holidays are starting to work out for you, sounds like the kids had heaps to do. I absolutely love the photo of Ryley in the pol, he looks like he is having a great time.. Well Done!!! You do an amazing job ; )


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