Catching up

Seems like ages since I have been on here! I am still not that well, but feeling better.
This week has been incredibly busy. Ryley's school concert went very well. Ryley enjoyed himself and of course we were bursting with pride. Braeden particularly like the little girls performing their ballet act. He clapped so hard he nearly fell off David's knee. Bit had to get photos because we were too far away from the stage. We got it all on video though!
It is absolutely freezing here at the moment. It is meant to be summer and instead the temperature is the same as what it is in winter. Crazy.
I will write a longer post when I get a chance. In between working late, school concerts, work breakups and late night shopping, I have no time for anything. Probably why I can't shake this flu virus.


  1. Hope your feeling better soon Anna, I cant wait to see the video of Ryleys concert... Rest Up xx


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