Now, what could I possibly have to stress about?

Let me see.
No Ketocal in Australia until possibly tonight. It then has to be cleared at customs and then distributed to Melbourne.
Ryley will run out on Wednesday.
I *may* get some by Christmas Day.
Oh phew. Only 2-3 days with no food then.
Well, Ryley can starve, that's ok.

Actually, no. It's not really ok.
Considering the Ketocal formula is Ryley's only food source, we kind of need it.
We have managed to get 2 tins from another Mum here in Ballarat. That will only take us up to Wednesday night. Thank goodness she could spare some. I am fairly sure she can spare some more if we are desperate, but I really hope we don't get any more desperate than we already are to be honest (a million thanks to Fiona!!).

It is not really good enough though. Not only do I have that to worry about and follow up with phone calls, I am also still waiting for Ryley's new Mic-Key button and giving sets. Which should have been here..oh..nearly a week ago. More phone calls to make, and then I still get the same response "Oh you should get it next week". told me that last week!!

I'm not sure what I am complaining about really.


Maybe Santa will bring it all for me for Christmas??


  1. Oh no - I hope you get your supplies in time. If only Santa could bring those things...

  2. Frustrating! Hoping for the best.


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