Christmas time

How do you hope to spend Christmas? I hope that my kids wake up Christmas Day, filled with excitement and in awe of the presents that Santa has left for them. I hope they start tearing them open and shout out each time they find something new.
Of course, it will only be Braeden doing the talking, Ryley will more than likely just enjoy tearing the paper into tiny tiny pieces, every now and then he will squeal when he sees something he likes!

We will then have a special breakfast. Just us. Together. Enjoying the new things. I absolutely love our Christmas mornings. The flurry of unwrapping presents, followed by the slow exploration that follows as the kids try out their new things (we help Ryley with his).

After our morning together we will head out to David's parents house. We try and alternate between families for Christmas Day now, because it chews up the whole day if we have to travel half way around Victoria. The kids love playing with their cousins.

Tomorrow (Christmas Eve) I plan to go get some more fruit and vegies and then I will spend the arvo baking and cooking up a storm! David is on holidays now, so hopefully it will be a lovely relaxing day at home together (although whenever I say that it usually isn't!!).

Just before I go, I must share something funny. Today, while Ryley thought I wasn't looking, I found him sitting down 'reading' a book. He was staring so intently at the pictures and he carefully turned the pages. Hmmmm. I swear he plays games with us.
Braeden, of course already sits down quietly and 'reads' his books. Often they are upside down, but he devours them so quickly.
I love that they both enjoy books and reading so much. Makes me very proud of them.


  1. One of Caitlin's favourite things to do is to rip paper into a thousand tiny pieces.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! Tonight Ken and I are going on a date just the two of us (that has not happened in YEARS) then tomorrow we celebrate with my side of the family, Christmas morning we open presents with the girls and then have a big breakfast together then during the day we will celebrate with Ken's family. WOW! Busy but tons of fun.

    PS - Norrah loves to disect everything too. Ken says she likes to break things down to the atom! It is so funny but true. They are little explorers.


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