10 points

...to the awesome mother who forgot to send her child's Ketogenic Diet PEG feeds to school with him today.

I can't imagine why she didn't send them. I am fairly sure she wouldn't have been sleep deprived and there is NO way she would have been mortified to think she didn't send her child's only source of food with him.

I am fairly sure she deserves that mother of the year award.

Or was that CRAP mother of the year award??

Well at least she gets 10 points for being an idiot.


  1. Don't be too hard on that mother - she is doing the best job she can in a challenging situation. In fact I think she is actually doing an AWESOME job.

  2. hi friend! I am just checking in to say hello, I love ya and though I am being silent in the comment department with most of my fave blogs lately I still check up on everyone EVERYDAY. Love to you and yours.


  3. Susan, Mum to MollyApril 17, 2010 at 12:09 AM

    As my Miss Molly would say - oh budder!

    This was one of my big fears when she was on the keto diet, ending up somewhere with no food for her...

    What did you do?? Is there any way they can keep/have a backup at school just-in-case...?

  4. Hey Anna,
    don't be rough on yourself. I think almost every mum has left their child's lunch on the table and sent their kid to school and while I know it's a different with the PEG feeds - you are only human.
    You're an amazing Mum, bringing up two amazing kids.

  5. Awwww thanks for the comments.

    @ Susan- Luckily it was my day off and I was able to take the feeds up to the school. I was so embarrassed! But thankful I was able to take them up there!

    I have no idea how I forgot them. It was funny though, Ryley actually went and got them out of the fridge today as if to say "I better get these before Mum forgets!".


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