Did you know?

Ryley won't go to bed if he hears me on the Wii Fit? He must have bionic ears because I can barely hear it and I am standing in front of it.

Ryley can open the front door in the blink of an eye...If I turn my back for 5 seconds he is out at the front gate looking for cars.

Braeden calls Ryley "brother". Not Ryley. Must be 'cos he lives in da hood.

Braeden's favourite past time currently involves cleaning up dog poo. With his hands. AND the clothes he is wearing. "Good Helping Braeden".

Braeden now knows that as soon as it is dark, it is bedtime. Now, if only he stayed asleep...

Ryley loves going to the fridge and getting the cheese out (not holiday cheese, because it's not holidays), and bringing it to you in the hope you will cut him some. Not before he very carefully closes the fridge door, therefore setting a very good example for this little brother who doesn't believe closing the fridge door to be a priority.

I hate flies. Humid weather right now means an abundance of them.


  1. Eewww - maybe Braedon could find something cleaner to help with???

  2. I love the Braeden calls Ryley "Brother"... and couldnt stop laughing at Braedens new fave past time.... Gross, but funny!! : )


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