So the attendent on Ryley's bus casually asks me this afternoon if we know that Ryley says "Morning" after someone says Good Morning to him.
Well...No...No we didn't know that!
I promptly said Good Morning to him and he mumbled what very much sounded like 'Morning'!!!
We are absolutely thrilled!
Cheeky little man, he gave us the biggest smile when we got excited.

The thing that was so nice about catching up with the Doecke's was just being able to hang out with another family who can share and understand what you are going through. Ryley nearly vomited several times while at the Doecke's house, but it was no drama at all, and we even managed to learn a new way to help divert Ryley from vomiting!! Just being able to chat about the future and what it might bring also really helps you put things into perspective.

And, Ryley has a new passion in life too.

The Wii...! We had an absolutely fantastic time playing the Wii at the Doeckes. So much so, that I am a little ashamed to admit (because I didn't think we would ever get one) that we are now the proud of owners of a Wii and Wii Fit. Ryley actually wouldn't go to sleep last night because he wanted to play the Wii.
What on earth has been started???!!!!
Guess it is very age appropriate though. And you never know, it could help him with his hand eye coordination and balance. The best bit of all though is the absolutely hysterical giggles from Ryley. That makes it all worth it.


  1. Wow, love that Ryley says 'morning' and the fact that he gives you a cheeky smile afterwards as if to say 'see mum' He is cheeky : )

    Those giggles from Ryley playing with the WII would be PRICELESS... Enjoy!!!

    Cant wait to catch up again

  2. Wow, how wonderful that he says 'morning." That is great news. You will have to get a picture or video of him playing with the Wii - how fun for Ryley.


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