Good Friday Appeal

I think one of my first posts on this blog nearly 1 year ago was about the RCH Good Friday Appeal.
It is a day that really means a lot to us because it not only raises money for the hospital that takes care of Ryley, but it also highlights the great work that the medical specialists do to care for kids.
I have talked about us being 'frequent flyers' at the hospital before. This is not a nickname we ever wanted. But with it, comes a special belonging. We are always taken care of. Ryley is moved to the top of operation lists because of the Ketogenic Diet and his neuro team. When he is in hospital for things (op, appointments, tests), someone always comes to see him, whether they are meant to or not. If we are up on the 8th floor (which is where we do tend to spend most of our time), nurses and doctors will always stop to say hello (and usually remark how great it is to see him walking and growing!).
We have learnt many things over the years. Mainly not to ever compromise on what we believe is best for our son. We work alongside his specialists, we are Ryley's only avocates, we are his voice. And we make sure he is heard.

Last year the Good Friday Appeal raised a record 14 million! That was despite the Black Saturday bushfire appeal. What an amazing effort and it just goes to show how important the hospital is to everyone.
Even $1 will make a difference!

Ryley is currently sick. He has been having constant seizures now for 5 days. He has a terrible cough and isn't able to sleep because he wakes up vomiting from coughing so much. Hard work for all of us. We can't wait to hit the road and get away on our holiday.


  1. I hope the appeal raises lots of money.

    Sorry to hear Ryley is sick - I hope he is feeling better soon and that you can enjoy your holiday.

  2. It's wonderful it hear stories of the good work done at our hospitals especially when all most of us seem to hear is about waiting lists and times etc.

    The care and concern shown by Ryley's medical team is awe inspiring. I'm am glad that they are there for your family and the other families who need them.

    I hope Ryley's seizures settle down and he gets over this cough soon.

  3. Ryley had a good night sleep last night, so has seemed better today. Still a million seizures, but the cough is better so that is a good sign!!


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