30 Days of Thankfulness-Day 8

Today I am thankful that Ryley chose me to be his Mum.
Our journey so far has been filled with many challenges. But is has equally been filled with the most amazing things anyone could ever hope to experience.

Today, I was explaining to my colleagues that, if anyone had asked me when Ryley was little what my hopes and dreams were, that I would have replied "that he doesn't die". I can remember those early years dreading the times he got sick, because I always feared he would never recover and would leave my arms forever.

In this picture he is 4 years old. Can you believe how tiny he is? He was so so tiny.

As I lay down with him tonight to give him his PEG feed while he drifted off to sleep, I couldn't help but be thankful again that I have the luxury of being able to watch him as he goes to sleep. I am thankful that he is relatively healthy, and that he is still very much in my arms.

Nowadays, if somebody asked me what my hopes and dreams were for Ryley, I would firstly say: "Be Happy". And then I would probably talk about how I hope one day he is able to work, and have a social life that didn't include me. I would hope that the seizures disappear and that he enjoys a long life.
But most of all, being able to love and be loved, unconditionally...and to be honest, he already gets to experience that!


  1. So sweet x it reminds me of the quote " give me the child until he is seven and i will show you the man" thinkgs become so much clearer and hopes can be realised a bit more easily i think in comparison to those first years of the unknown xxx

  2. I had very similar fears for Ashlea in the beginning and now have very similar hopes for her future.


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