30 Days of Thankfulness-Day 12

Some days it is hard to find things to be thankful about.
And having to write something every day for a month...well..that isn't that easy.

But I am enjoying being able to reflect on the good things in my days, and not focus on the challenges that I face (which, by the way, are still there, despite me not writing about them).

Today I have had a headache all day. So I am thankful to make it through the day without a full blown migraine attack!

I am thankful that David can be there to support Braeden and his school transition.

I am thankful that Ryley is sound asleep as he is exhausted and he seems to battle sleep even more when he gets to that point.

I am thankful that despite the fact I spent so much time cleaning my house the other day, it looks like I haven't done a thing. And that is because Braeden and I spent some time this arvo painting and creating some art pieces. I would rather spend the time with my kids than have a spotless house (as those who walk into my house well know!!!).


  1. That is exactly why I started doing this - our challenges will always be there - but I want to try and see the good in spite of that!
    I hope your headache goes away quickly.

    1. It is a great thing to do. Really puts things into perspective I think. Headache hung around for today, but seems to be easing now.

  2. You're a better Mama than I then. I hid the paints. The boys literally just found them in a box (Joel was cleaning out the garage) yesterday. So I think there's paint and MESS in my future. SOON.

    1. Hehe. Mine were well hidden too don't worry! They got found, and I someone wouldn't have let up for days if I didn't paint with him!! Enjoy your mess xo


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