30 Days of Thankfulness-Day 3

Holy McCrackens I am going to fall off here.

Please don't move another inch Jakita. Kthanx.

This is how you do it Mum. 

So clearly today, I am thankful for not falling off a horse.
I have not been in the saddle for about 10 years, so was slightly nervous at getting back on.
My sister was awfully patient and far too kind to me, but her encouragement helped me get back on.

Felt great being back on a horse, so I am looking forward to getting my confidence back so I can round those 12 sheep of ours up like a true jillaroo.

Braeden, on the other hand, has a natural horse ability I think and just loves getting on any horse he can. He would have ridden all day.
This horse was a bit bit for Ryley, but we will get him on a pony again soon.

And I am slightly excited to add that my horse Princess is definitely in foal. I should be able to feel the foal kicking soon and by our rough calculations, we should have a little baby horse in April next year. Oh so excited.


  1. Great pictures - and a baby horse sounds very exciting (and cute).

  2. That is a lot of thankfulness. And plenty of fun too I think!

  3. Beautiful moments to share with your boy xxx

  4. Oh , the great perks of farm life! What a wonderful place for two young boys to grow up!!

  5. I love the photos! I cannot wait to visit your farm.


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