30 Days of Thankfulness-Day 14

I actually had to stop and think for a minute what day it was when I wrote the heading.
Oh dear.

Today I am thankful that Ryley's eyesight when he wears his glasses is pretty good!

I am thankful for the lovely young non-english speaking couple in the waiting room who saw that Ryley was highly anxious and panicky (and very vocal!) and brought over a toy for him. I swear I nearly cried. It did calm him briefly, but he was really worried today. I think he was expecting to be poked and prodded like usual.

I am thankful that we don't have to go back for an eye review for a whole year. Woohoo!

I am thankful for good mates.

And I will be thankful for the early night I am hoping to get!


  1. Sleep well x glad the eye visit is done for another year x

  2. Glad you don't have an eye review for a year - Ashlea doesn't like them either!


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