The Twists and Turns of life

The past few days have left me pondering life and how much of what happens is pre-determined.
Many moons ago, most people would have turned straight to religion to help them figure out why something has happened. They would have sought out answers from the God they believed in, and this would have somehow bought comfort in their time of need.

Today things are a bit different.

Many people do still turn to religion to try and search for meaning. But largely, we are a faithless society; religiously speaking anyway.
So where do people turn when things don't go how they expected?

I am a catholic, although I probably wouldn't describe myself as a practising catholic. Perhaps it might be better just to say I am a non-traditional catholic, seeing as I do pray and do have a very deep and real connection with God.
Having a child with a disability often prompts people to suggest that I am a "special person" and that "God" only gives "special people" children like Ryley. I find that a little condesecending.
My view is that, sure, Ryley is most definately a gift, he has definately been given to us for a reason.
I can also say the same about Braeden.

I believe that this was exactly how my life was meant to be. It isn't fate or destiny. I don't particularly care for either of those ideals. Too much is unknown about what exists after this life, or indeed, where we came from, so I don't find any of this useful when trying to understand why my child has a disability.

I see so many people who have a child with a disability struggling to understand why their God has made their child exceptional. I have even encountered families whose religious beliefs prevent them from seeking help to understand their child. I have also seen families who have had to hide their child's disability from their church for fear of exclusion and condemnation.
Having a strong belief system, regardless of whether or not it is religious based, surely means that you can see the potential in your child? Sometimes religion is a barrier to giving your child the best life possible, and this concerns me a little.

And so, in amongst all the things that life throws at us, in our lives especially, we continue to draw strength from the things that we believe in.
Yesterday, my Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer.
So yet another twist in the road for her, and us, as her family.
We are all positive that she will make a full recovery. And regardless of what we believe, we are certain that this will happen.


  1. I agee with you Anna. I believe that I will make a full recovery. I also believe that when life throws us a challenge, it is HOW we deal with it that is important, whatever the outcome.
    And this is where my faith comes in. No matter how difficult things seem, I find I can get comfort and help through prayer, and then I can deal with the things like pain and unpleasant treatment, etc.


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