On the mend

Well lucky I get bulk billed at the GP! I was right, Ryley's chesty cough is up high and nothing more terrible than a normal cough that is associated with the flu. We did put him on a precautionary course of antibiotics, only because with Ryley, you never know whether it will turn into something more sinister. Better to err on the side of caution and all that.
So he went back to school today and managed to last the day, so he must be feeling better.
It is always the way.
I always hold out taking him to the doctor and as soon as I do, he starts to get better!

We had down to the RCH tomorrow to catch up with his neurosurgeon and have his kidney ultrasound. Hopefully all just routine.

Seems like we are forever catching up with medical professionals at the moment. I guess it is all just par for the course, but sometimes it just feels like I see them more than my friends! I know the appointments are important, but it would be nice to not have any for more than a month or so!
In some ways it is good that Ryley is being monitored so closely again. The main reason he is, is because of the Ketogenic Diet (can you believe we are coming up to 1 year on the diet??!!).
It is a little tiring though, all the driving back and forth to Melbourne. Although the new Deer Park Bypass is a dream!!

At least Ryley is on the mend now and hopefully won't have too many more flu/virus thingys for a long time!


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