It's been one of THOSE days


Braeden is cutting about 4 teeth at the moment, with two of his eye teeth just about through. It has been a nightmare. Not only is he waking for comfort feeds every 1/2 hour to 1 hour, but he is so cranky and irritated that he is just lashing out.
Today he bit me and hit me so many times I lost count.
I finally relented and went down the street and bought some Panadol and so, for the last hour or so he has settled down a bit.
He can actually say 'OW' now when he is hurt or not feeling right, so at least I know he is in pain of some sort. Poor kid.

Ryley is so tired too after a big week at school he is just having seizure after seizure.
And David picked tonight to get a haircut which meant he was ever-so-late home.

I am hoping that Braeden settles down after tea (and more Panadol) and goes to sleep. So I can hopefully eat my pizza in peace and find some mind numbingly boring program on tv to watch.
With a bit of luck, my night might actually include sleep at some point.


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