Cough Cough Cough

It's all I seem to hear.
Ryley is still sick and I am home again with him. He has just whinged and coughed all day.
Even going to take and drop Braeden at daycare was a task and a half. Do you know how hard it is to carry two kids (11.5kgs and 13.5kgs)?
I am just so over it.

Probably people will think I am a selfish cow for writing that I am over it.
Sorry for that.
But I don't care.

You see, when Ryley is sick, it isn't just about a normal kid who is not feeling well. Just a cough is not worth worrying about. But with Ryley, he also has secondary infections in his PEG site and in his nappy area. He can't breath properly or cough up the mucous he needs to. Due to the fact that he is on the Ketogenic Diet and his body system works differently, it is harder for him to fight these viruses.
Add to the mix the increase in seizures because he is tired and feeling crap and you have yourself a kid that should probably be in hospital with IV antibiotics.
Just when I think he might be getting better...he gets the viral rash and there is no hope in hell of sending him to school.

Right now he is wingeing because there are no cars going past the front of the house. Not sure how I am supposed to fix that. I did just ask him what was wrong and he grinned at me. Naughty kid.

So when people say I go to work to get a break, I have to laugh. It's true I suppose. It is my respite.
Those that work with me know that it is so far from being respite it truly is funny.


I hope my little man is feeling better tomorrow. He does hate being sick. He hates being stuck at home and inside. He has watched so much playschool that he is actually sick of it.
I hate it when he is sick.


  1. You poor old thing Anna. i can see how frustrating it is to see Ryley feeling so bad and not be able to make him better. He usually picks up quicker than this. Hopefully he will be a bit better tomorrow. Thinking of you all. xxxxxxx


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