Another week has passed us all by. Another year has passed for others (David's birthday today!). We had a great weekend. Ryley is a lot better and I would say almost 100% again. Braeden is good, runny nose, but that is pretty standard for kids his age. Mum had her lump removed, so now we wait for results (which then determines the next course of action-radiotherapy, chemotherapy or further surgery).
We are still waiting on news from Latvia about the arrival of my new neice or nephew.

It is nice to have a lull in events for a while. I desperately hope that this week stays uneventful. We really need to get our house finished. The electrician is ready to go to finish everything, but we aren't! I wish domestic blitz would pop in and finish it-while they were here they could also put in an outdoor spa, a outdoor pizza oven etc etc. Or maybe I could just win tattslotto.

At least it has been raining today. Good soaking rain too. Yay. Just what my garden needs.


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