I am feeling so blah at the moment.
Which is why I haven't really been motivated to write in here. I start the posts in my head, but then get distracted doing other things.
I am exhausted.
It is a constant battle trying to juggle everything.
Ryley has some very difficult-to-manage behaviours emerging at the moment, and we are trying to manage those. When I tell people his behaviour is bad, they really just don't get it. I guess all they can compare to is their own neurotypical kids who might throw the odd tantrum. But this is nothing like that. By chance I bumped into one of my old clients today and I was chatting to her. Her child has Epilepsy and intellectual disability and she is having the same kinds of trouble as us.
The thing is, that when a child with a disability has 'bad' behaviour, it is usually because they are trying to communicate something to us. It could be that there is a sensory overload of some sort, or it could just be implusive and something they can't control.
In Ryley's case, it is all of the above.
Deciphering it or 'cracking the code' is the hardest part.
But having a non-verbal child makes it almost impossible at times to 'get it right'. Frustrating for both Ryley and us. And poor Braeden just behaves himself because he can see how stressed I am getting.


So what to do?
I have all the strategies. I know what to do.
Having the time to sit down and really nut out the issues and then devise a plan is what is the hardest part.
What behaviour is caused by communication difficulties?
What part is caused by seizure activity?
What part is caused by tiredness?
What part is because he is feeling sick/annoyed/can't control his feelings?
What part is a sensory overload?
And what part is just 'normal' 7 year old attitude?

Who ever has to think this much about behaviour? Remember the old days-you got a smack or sent to bed with no tea.
If only it were that simple.

Remind me to get some respite-and soon. It is crazy ridiculous that the only time we are without the kids is if we are at work. But that is a whole 'nother post!!


  1. If you need some respite, you can always come over here for a coffee and a chat, and we can just let the kids run amok in the paddock! At least they can't run away in there, and we can relax for a bit :) Fiona


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