Ryley is sick again. Some kind of flu/cough/virus thingy.
I am actually taking him to see his GP, so I am kind of concerned this time. He has a really bad cough, that is up high in his chest, so not in his lungs yet I don't think, but enough for him to have a temperature and be unable to sleep. Poor kid. Between the 4 of us last night, I think we might have managed 3 hours of sleep. Not fun.
I try not to take him to the doctor unless he is really sick enough for antibiotics. He needs to be able to fight viruses himself, so I tend to give him a few days to fight it himself before I rush him off to get medication. He has had the cough for about 5 days and it really isn't getting any better, so I figure a check over by his GP is probably a good idea.

Braeden is still ok, teething, not sleeping, but still well. He has never been to the doctor. He is nearly 16 months old and still hasn't had an illness where he has had to have anything more than Panadol. He has had coughs and colds and a bout of gastro or two, but thankfully he seems to fight it off within a couple of days. Not sure why he has such a strong immune system, possibly because he still has so much breastmilk. Don't know. He is definately exposed to everything because he is at daycare 3 days a week and also has an older brother at school. Maybe I am lucky enough to just have a kid who is always going to be healthy. Fingers crossed anyway!

We have had a busy weekend. Mother's Day was lovely. I got coffee in bed and a beautiful bunch of flowers from the boys. Perfect. Couldn't ask for anything more. Well actually...I wouldn't mind if Ryley was well and we all got a full night's sleep...even 3 hours straight would be nice...


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