I did a bad thing

And I feel awful.

It's the kind of thing I never do.

After swimming today, I took Braeden into one of the Disabled/Family changerooms to save time.

I know, I know. I can hear the outrage now. And believe me, I feel guilty as all get out.
The whole time I was in there I was thinking, what if someone comes along and needs it more than me and has to wait because of me.
I think we were in there for all of 7 minutes.

Now, in actual fact, there are four rooms for families and those with disabilities so it does serve for both purposes. So I wasn't actually doing anything wrong.
So why did I feel so bad? I mean, I have gone to use it so many times with Ryley and haven't been able to because of able bodied families using it. I have said nothing. Just patiently waited with a freezing cold child.

I think I felt bad because I really truly believe that there is just not enough facilities for people with disabilites, and I don't think I should have been using it. Even though I wasn't doing anything wrong. But still. 

The room itself was actually fairly poorly set out and in actual fact, I couldn't change Ryley in there anymore. It has an average sized change table, which Ryley is too big for, and then a narrow bench, which you couldn't put him on either because he is too big again. He has trouble standing for me to change him. So I am not sure how adults with disabilities manage.
I know the swim centre has just built two more new changerooms and I am yet to check them out. I might do that next week and see if they are any better.

In some ways, I get why they are dual purpose rooms. It is difficult to get kids changed and organised in the public open changerooms. So I do think that is fair enough that families and those with disabilities can both use the rooms. But I don't honestly think that the rooms are really accessible enough.

So yeah, I still feel bad about using the changeroom. But I was sick all day yesterday and still feeling average today and just wanted to get in and out without waiting for a shower or dressing in public.
I doubt I will do it again unless I have Ryley with me.

It's got me thinking though. I am going to start checking out all the "Disability" facilities every where I go. If they are dirty, accessible or not. It might be interesting.


  1. I have started to pay attention to "Disability" facilities as well. I will admit at times it seems like the designers of these facilities don't have a clue and didn't bother asking for input!

  2. I think you will notice that most facilities that have a place for people with disabilities, all look the same, but if you think about do all the people with disabilities need the same things, no! So how is one set up going to work for everyone, I think facilities really need to research who is using their facilities and what kind of equitpment is going to work for all of them. Just my opinion though.

  3. @Hilary-It certainly makes you more aware doesn't it?
    @Angela- I agree with you. If only they DID research who was using their facilities. I wonder if it is possible to get it right? Welcome to my blog too!

  4. You are such a bad person, how do you live with yourself? Using the family changeroom? Aren't there police for this kind of thing?

  5. It's an issue i've thought about frequently since hearing about Edan (15 years old i think) at an airport- the airport people thought it was reasonable that his mum change him ON THE TOILET FLOOR!! Nice.
    It's a disgrace that they are really only made to fit a wheelchair or to change an infant....because they are the only disabilities of course... ppffttt.
    I'm with you on this one and will be taking note.

  6. I understand the guilt. We have the same set up at our local pool and I don't think I have ever gotten my kids changed so fast as when I used the family/disabled room.

    Honestly, when I was in there though I did think how would a disabled person use this when there is barely enough room for me and my 2 kids under 3. The bench they were on was tiny and I doubt you could have got like a wheel chair in there easily.

    Since my sister in law developed a disability our whole family has become more aware of facilities, or lack thereof and the poor design in many of them.

  7. The room at our swim school if also for families and those with a disability. It is so useless that i never use it - assuming we could get in.

  8. @Liv-I will never forget that story about Edan. Ever!
    @Aspiring- It is amazing what you see when you are looking. I think the changerooms are sometimes not even equipped for those without disabilities, let alone those with them.
    @Alison-How do you change Ashlea??


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