A whole post of nothing.

Hark the herald angels siiing.

I feel the need for boring posts coming on. Seriously. Either that or I am taking this blog all the way to the shadows of privacy.
I am starting to feel a bit wierd about privacy on the 'net at the moment. I am on the verge of taking down my profile on FB actually. The only thing holding me back is the fact that I am in contact with so many families with WHS. But maybe I can get around that?
Today's fluffy post idea is completely copied from Sunny Side Up. Check out her blog people. It is way awesome.
So here are random thoughts and happenings from the past week:
  • Ryley has developed a 'snarl'. This means that if he doesn't like what you are saying he snarls at you. Been trying to catch it on camera. But he is too quick for me. Snarl.
  • The boys and I made an aeroplane out a box last night. We painted, cut and stickytaped for an hour and half. They are so proud of it. I took photos. But I don't plan on putting photos on here much anymore (you know, the whole privacy thing).
  • Braeden likes to argue with me. Constantly. Conversation generally goes like this:                         "Mum says No Braeden", to which he replies: "Braeden says Yes Mum". It goes back and forth like this until I walk away. Usually he follows me screaming.
  • I have my tattoos finally! Yay me. I love them. And want more now. Maybe a big "such is life" across my toned stomach. I can only imagine how that would really look on my not-toned-at-all flab ball of a stomach.
  • Some days I hate my dog Charley. Like when I leave her inside while I go to the shops and come home only to find she has eaten the pork ribs I had out thawing. She is now banished outside forever.
  • Finds it interesting that this week, I haven't given my campaign to lose weight a single thought, and have subsequently lost a fair chunk of weight. Hmmmm.
  • I actually put the bin out this week. Those who have spoken to me this week know what that is all about!!!
Ok. End of boring post about nothing. Braeden has just climbed up on my knee to ponder the meaning of lfie. You know he asked me today if I could get him a haircut because it was too long. So I did. Good parenting right there ya know.


  1. Love it. Great post!...not boring at all!... I mean really! Please don't stop, i miss you when you have time out from blogging! But if it is really getting to you then we will find a way around it....snarl ; )
    And wahooooo tattooooooossssss!! Can't wait to see them! I'm hankering for more too. Have just finished watchin Miami Ink and LA ink for the second time around...inspiration plus!

  2. Thanks Liv xx Missing you guys heaps. We need a catch up...Will try and organise one with you guys and the Youngs ey? I still can't believe I actually got the tatoos. Hugs for you and your beautiful E. xxxo

  3. Great post! Not boring in the least and please don't stop posting. I so enjoy reading about and following your family.

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  4. Thanks Hilary. I will keep posting don't worry, I just sometimes get a bit rattled when I get comments of wierd stuff sent to me.


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