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Did anyone notice I haven't blogged for a while?

Life, as usual, just got in the way a bit.

Sorry 'bout that.

Never fear though, I have been writing a million blog posts in my head, so they are bound to come out eventually.

Ryley has been sick again of course. So already I have had to pick him up from school early.
It's nothing serious. Just a cold/cough thingy. But you know he didn't have pneumonia all that long ago, and crikey it worries me that this thing will turn into the same thing. I mean, I had no real warning last time, so I am going to be watching that kid like a hawk from now on. Well, more like a hawk with binoculars on.

So what's been happening then hey?
Nothing much really. I am trying to keep off the computer a bit. Amazing how much time one can waste playing stupid facebook games.
I am about to go and light our wood heater.
And yes, it is summer over here. Not that you would think so.
I have been running like a run machine, and am finding that I am actually putting on weight.
So that's really helps keep me motivated (or not).

What else?
Braeden has decided it's pretty fun to run away from me. He particularly enjoys running next door to see if the chooks have laid any eggs. He also finds it not a problem to race to the cafe after swimming before I can even mutter the words "Braeden! Stop!".
Speaking of swimming, he has been put in a more advanced group this term for some stupid reason. So he is pretty much the least advanced of the group.
Despite my anxiety, he is doing really well, and enjoying the challenge. I don't mind him being the 'worst' of the group really. I refuse to push him, and he is amazing me every week with the new skills he is learning.
Gently does it.
No pressure.
Always wins out in the end don't you think?
And back to Braeden again. That kid seems to have inherited his Grumpy's maths skills I think. He has taken to counting everything (well, provided it only goes up to 10). He also doesn't mind a bit of adding here and there too. Some days he just amazes me with the things he draws or the things he says.
Normal development.
It will never cease to amaze me.

Ryley too, is not immune to my bragging.
I was absolutely overjoyed yesterday to see him nearly doing the sign for 'good'. You know, the fisted hand with just the thumb up. Firstly, he put his hand in a fist. Held it up and then ever so slightly isolated his thumb and moved it up a bit.
I know how hard fine motor movements are for him. I constantly work on that. Every day we practice that sign. Every day I help him isolate his fingers.
It seems to be helping.
I know it seems like such a small thing, but never underestimate the enormity of it!

And finally.
He rode 60kms yesterday in the Ballart Cycle Classic to raise money for cancer research. All up it was 72km by the time he rode to the Lake and then back home again. He didn't train at all. He just did it.
So proud of him.
A big thankyou to those who donated money to him!!

Signing off now to go chop wood.


  1. Anna sounds like busy times! well done to David on the huge ride and I can never get enough of Mamma bragging! oh and B and Pep would be great at the shops together running off!

  2. So glad to see an update!! How wonderful that Ryley is working on that sign! That's a HUGE accomplishment.

    Staying off the computer can be a good thing, but don't stay away too long! I like to write brief outlines of my blog posts in my head and stick them in blogger, all queued up for fleshing out when I feel up to it.

  3. Bron- I can only imagine the trouble B and P would get into if let loose in a shopping centre!!!
    Becca- What a great idea about the blog posts. I am going to start doing that!!

  4. I truly love to read about your boys. They are both so incredible! Keep up the good (I'm giving you a thumbs up) work boys!

  5. I wish I knew how to make a thumbs up sign in this comment!!


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