It was great to see so many people watching the You-Tube video and commenting on it and passing it on or reposting it to FB or their blogs.
But I have been thinking about it the past few days, and truly thinking about what people would do. I know that everyone who has a child with a disability or a sibling or family member with a disability would stand up and say something. But would other people really feel that strongly that they would? Did my comment at the bottom of the video prompt people to think "fuck off Anna, just because YOU would say something doesn't mean we would". I bet a few people probably did think that (provided you actually did read my blog post).
You know, I actually think that is ok though.
The world is made up of lots of people who are passionate about a cause. Which is great. How else can you bring about change if you aren't actively doing something about it?
I am passionate about disability, and wish that everyone had the same attitude as me.
Earth to Anna...
They don't.

I'm not responding to anything anyone has said by the way. It is just I have been spending time running every night and am starting to use that time to think (instead of trying to remember to put on foot in front of the other and to breath). A few blogs I have been reading lately seem to be writing about a division (of sorts) or heirachy of disability. This irritates me. But I will leave this for another blog post as, despite that fact that it annoys me, it is challenging as the same time, and I need to think more and consider how to present my thoughts.

Anyway, back to my thoughts on the whole What Would You Do thing. I think that in some ways I feel so disappointed in general with the way people treat others with a disability, that I almost expect that people would opt to say nothing. Perhaps it is because they fear confrontation. Perhaps it is because they just don't feel passionate enough. Perhaps they just see people with disabilities as nothing.

It is encouraging though when people (who don't neccessarily have anything to do with or experience with people with disabilities) do say that they would say something. That makes my heart soar.
You know, I tend to always speak up when I see injustices being done. People are so quick to judge others. And I am not just talking about people with disabilities here.

So, this You-Tube video continues to be thought-provoking for me.


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