Those damn heartstrings

Hate it when they get pulled.

I have had a really full on and busy week at work this week so I have been feeling a bit tired and drained. Not to mention the fact that Braeden woke every 1/2 hour last night because he was either cold or wanted a feed, or was having bad dreams (so this is, therefore, my excuse for being..erm..a little emotional).

We have a morning routine where we all say our good byes to each other before the bus comes to get Ryley. He is far too grown up now to have Mum's kisses in front of his bus friends, and so this morning was no different. We all waved goodbye and Braeden and I jumped in the car. A bit further up the road we managed to pull up next to the bus and we could see this little Ryley face looking at us from out of the big bus. I waved and waved but he just pressed his face up hard up against the glass until we lost sight of him.
I couldn't help it.
Some tears slipped out.
No matter how many times I see him on the bus, he still looks far too tiny to be on it without me. I just wanted to chase that bus down and scoop him up and cuddle him.
'Cept I knew he would have HATED that.
And he loves being on the big bus with his friends.

So I then dropped Braeden off at daycare.
And he clung to me like a koala.
He didn't want his Mumma to go anywhere thankyou very much. He looked up at me with his sad solemn eyes and silently pleaded with me to stay and play with him.

Some days, those kids of mine just break my heart, despite knowing that they don't really need me there. They just know how to pull on my heart strings.


  1. Kids sure do know how to pull on those heart strings to they.Chin up mate everyone is aloud to have one of those days and yes my friend that does include you.It wouldnt be normal I dont think if we dont have days like this that we just cry at the drop of a hat.Big hugs mate if you need a good cry to someone and David isnt home give me a call and we can have a cry

  2. And they keep tugging at your heart strings no matter how old they are! And then when you get to be a grandmother you have the grandkids tugging too!
    But how empty would life be without all that heart string tugging! Hang in there. xxxxoooo

  3. Awww so cute - so what does it say about my emotions that I was tearing up just reading your post about Ryley on the bus???

  4. Like Lauren I was also in tears! lol Beautiful post Anna :)

  5. Aww, I loved reading this. I tear quite a bit myself. Justin and I think Ryley is so cute. You must be proud. Take care Anna.


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