Again, our household has been sick.
I am so bloody over it. It started off with me this time. Somehow, somewhere, I picked up a gastro bug. It seems to have bypassed the kids (Lord knows how) and now David has got it (he is also away in Warrnambool working, so he is feeling pretty sorry for himself at the moment).

Both Braeden and Ryley have had/got conjunctivitis (or 'pink-eye' as the US readers will know it as). Last Thursday, Braeden came home with a message from his workers that they thought he might have it. He just looked really tired to us. By Monday his eyes were yucky and he was very miserable. Not helped by the fact that his Mum was doubled over in pain and barely able to move from the bathroom floor (times like this you really notice the fact that you have no-one to help).
Today is the first day he has been better and I have sent him to daycare in the hope he makes it through the day.

Ryley, however, is still not quite ok again. His eyes gunked up on Tuesday so he has been stuck at home, much to his annoyance. They are a lot better today, so I am keeping him home as a precaution really. Hopefully tomorrow he can go back to school.
So I am utterly exhausted. My throat is sore and my body feels like lead. I was up all night last night because Ryley couldn't sleep and Braeden wanted feeds. But, I will be ok. Just need my boys to get better and then I can get some rest!

Maybe it's the cold weather? The rain? Normally at this time of the year it is warmer. I can air the house out more. At the moment it is just freezing. Like the middle of winter freezing.
I hope we get some warm sunny days soon.

I promise to get back to blogging this week. I haven't had a moment spare to even check my emails.


  1. Oh Anna... it is just a endless cycle isnt it. I hope you and the boys feel better soon and that you get to have a rest... thinking of you all

  2. Oh I hope you are all feeling better soon.

  3. Oh no! Hope that you feel better soon and that the boys are PINK EYE free!

    We have missed you.


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