Our garden DOES grow!

We are a bit excited at the moment because we are actually able to eat some of the vegies we have grown ourselves! We have been eating cauliflower, broad beans and silverbeet and I have been adding chives to my salads! Our strawberries are starting to fruit as well!
I don't think we ever thought we could actually grow anything good enough to eat. But it seems we can!
Braeden loves helping me weed and is more than happy to sample the broad beans raw (yuck!).

We have had a very busy weekend and are all absolutely exhausted. We have started the countdown to christmas and have something on every single weekend until christmas *sigh*. How are we ever going to get our house finished? At least the weather is starting to warm a little now and the sunshine is just beautiful.


  1. I've tried it twice and failed twice. You make me want to give it a go again next year!

    Is that Cos I can see? I really need some....


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