Everyone loves a bit of Tupperware...

Today we had our first fundraising event for the Ballarat Conference.
It was a Tupperware party!
So basically we had to make a certain amount of sales and then we would get a large amount of Tupperware that we can raffle off at another time!
Well I can proudly say that we made that quota (and it is a big quota just quietly) thanks to all my fabulous friends, family, neighbours and workmates.
So to them I say a HUGE THANKYOU! It is just so nice to know that so many people care about Ryley and want to support us and the conference we are holding in two years time. It has definately boosted out confidence in our community and we are CERTAIN that we will be able to raise enough funds to be able to have the special things that we want to have.
I can't properly put into words what it means to have all the support that we do.
We truly are blessed to have such a wide and close circle of people that surround us.



  1. That's great Anna. Its true - people do love Tupperware!

  2. Anna that is fantastic... Glad to hear it was a success. If you need a hand with anything or want me to organise some fundrasing with friends and family please let me know


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