Weekend fun

What a weekend we just had!!
Busy Busy Busy. But so much fun.
On Saturday was my darling husband's attempt to play football after a 2 and 1/2 year break. Turns out he still has it in him. He won a meat voucher for being best on ground or something.
He couldn't walk afterwards. But that was his problem, not mine.
We had quite the gang of supporters up in the old spot near the scoreboard.
The kids had an absolute ball (they got to hang out with the Wheeler kids and a couple of cousins).
It was really nice to see some familiar faces out there. Most people hadn't seen Ryley walking before!
So a big thankyou to the Lexton Football Netball Club for supporting us yet again and helping raise money for the conference (and to those special mates who organised it all).

Sunday I left David at home with the boys while I took off to IKEA to catch up with a couple of WHS Mama's (it seemed like the best thing to do really, it meant I didn't have listen to the moaning and groaning).
I so loved seeing the girls (and master E). Time just goes way too quickly.

Bonus points to the husband too who managed to make me a parma for tea.

Aah. Weekends.

School holidays at the end of this week and we head off to the Barossa. We can't wait!
I am taking both weeks of the school hols off and haven't booked Ryley into holiday program either. I think we need some chill out time (if that is possible). Remind of this post when I am pulling my hair out a day into the holidays ok?

What are people planning for the winter break?? Apart from staying warm of course!


  1. Loved seeing you too Anna.. Im impressed that you went home to a parma for dinner... good work David.. enjoy your hol's away


  2. Sounds like a great weekend. We will be doing as little as possible these holidays - just relaxing and trying to get over some winter coughs and colds.

  3. Mel- I was pretty impressed too!
    Alison- Hope you guys have a relaxing holidays and have the chance to shake those coughs/colds.

  4. We just got home from Toller's baseball game, it was at 7:15 tonight, and it was still 106 degrees out! Your cold sounds nice! Of course if it was cold I would be begging for heat. Damn I'm picky! Enjoy your break!


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