Brothers in arms

I wish I had a photo to share, but I haven't had the chance to take one.
(Edited to add some photos my Mum sent me after reading this post! Thanks Mum!!)
Lately though, Ryley and Braeden have become inseparable. Braeden has decided he wants to sleep in with Ryley and they cuddle each other until we finally pry Braeden away because he is keeping Ryley awake telling him stories.
This morning, I had to walk away from Ryley as I just.couldn't.dress him. The more I got cross, the more Ryley wriggled and squirmed. When I returned, Braeden was trying to put Ryley's pants on him and telling him that he "had to stop being silly".
I thanked Braeden for his help, but told it wasn't his responsibility to dress Ryley.
It is always a worry of mine that Braeden will think it is his job to do the things that I do. Siblings of kids with disabilities tend to become 'little parents' and this is not the path I want Braeden to take.

If only Braeden had reminded me to pack Ryley's PEG feeds in his school bag...
(Yeah, I forgot to pack them again. How embarrassing).

 I love that Braeden just accepts that everyone is different. He will never be a kid that stares or makes fun of others. That is one of the most important lessons you can learn in life I think. And already he has got it.

I am so so proud of my kids and the close bond they share.


  1. totally agree with you anna - but unfortunately my sophia is just that - allissa's second mum - she feeds her when were not around - will bath her - wont put her nappy on and I dont expect her too - but the rest of it - she loves to do and i never tell her to she just does - sophia already has grown into a beautiful young girl/lady (nearly 12) her nature is wonderful and soooooo many people comment - so i guess we are just very very lucky - well i consider myself one of the lucky people !! sami

  2. Sami-I think you make a GREAT point. Siblings like Braeden and Sophia and many others we know do what they do because they want to!! I forgot about that. Thankyou for the reminder about how beautiful our siblings are xxx

  3. Lovely to see that your boys are so close. The sibling issue is a tricky one isn't it???

  4. Anna - I'm right there with you. I am so loving that right now the twins have suddenly wanted to be around Alexander all the time. They say things like, "Alexander you're so cute!" Today - I told Andrew he was a dinosaur. He said, "No! I Andrew!" It cracked me up - so I told him I had to kiss him to check it out. He thought that was hilarious. Next thing I know both of the twins were over kissing Alexander to see if it was really him. Makes my heart melt. But - I am RIGHT.THERE.WITH.YOU. with the concerns of how their relationship will play out and I pray every day that it remains healthy. for all of the kids. Love the post. Kristen

  5. What a lovely post. Thansk to your mum for the great pictures too.

  6. Unconditional, nonjudgemental sibling love is amazing! You have wonderful boys and you are a incredible mom! Great post!

  7. I love that Braeden is growing in to an accepting, loving little man already. DH & I were just discussing people's attitudes the other day after he and some colleagues had visited our local hospital to say hi to the kids. They went and chatted to a teenager who is severely disabled. One of the nurses commented to DH afterwards that no-one ever goes in to visit this family. It's an attitude that makes no sense to me, we are all people right?! I had this attitude before Cadel came along, so it just makes me wonder what people are taught growing up if they think people with disabilities are something to be avoided! Sigh.

  8. Such a beautiful post and love, love, love the pics you added. There is nothing like sibling love to melt your heart.

  9. Thank you all for your lovely comments. We are ver proud of our boys. They do fight a lot though. Which I can't help but find is kinda nice too.


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