Fundraising shoutout

Have you noticed I haven't been here for a while? Some people did notice actually. Thanks!
Ryley has been sick, and then he got better and twisted his ankle. So it has been a long few weeks really.
But his foot was better today, in that, he is able to walk on it at least.
So onwards and upwards.
It can only get better from here.


As you all know, our family is hosting the Australian Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome Support Group's next conference. Which is in November this year!! We are busy fundraising at the moment and are hoping to raise enough money to pay for Dr John Carey to come out from the US. Our major fundraiser is going to be July 23rd and will be a trivia/auction night. We have already had some wonderful businesses who have donated goods and services, but need a lot more.
So, if you are a regular reader of this blog and may be able to help, or know of someone who could help, can you please get them to email me at ? Thankyou in advance!!

This fundraising gig is whole new thing for me. It is both daunting and exciting.

PS. Back to regular posting this week. Plus keep an eye out for some changes to the blog. They are coming soon...!!


  1. Hey Anna. I'm glad you are back.

    Google won't let me post here. :(

  2. OUCH! Sorry to hear about Ryley's ankle. Glad it's better today.

    Missed you.

  3. Thanks E. I am still having trouble posting comments on blogger too. It is really frustrating!
    Hilary- His ankle is still a bit sore, but nearly all healed!


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