How boring is this blog right now? Not much being written here is there?
I just don't feel like I have anything much to write about that wouldn't bore everyone to death.
So maybe I will just dot point life for us right now.
  • Busy fundraising.
  • Busy organising WHS Conference
  • Did I mention fundraising?
  • It's cold. And yes. I do know I live in a notoriously cold place, and not to mention it is winter. But still...Some days I just can't get warm, no matter how long I stand in front of the heater.
  • We can haz a new car.
  • I do love my new car. Mainly because it doesn't break down on us. And it is blue. I like blue.
  • My darling husband is coming out of retirement for a footy match next weekend. Which should be good for a laugh.
  • Being the celebrity that he is, this one off football game is to help raise funds for the conference. So, if you feel like laughing with me, feel free to join me on the sidelines as I yell encouraging lines such as: "You are too old for this shit"
  • We go on holidays in 16 sleeps. Barossa here we come!!
  • I need to do exercise and stop eating so much warm winter comfort food.
  • Braeden doesn't like pirates.
  • Ryley has a new game which involves hitting me in the head and laughing hysterically.
Well, that is more than enough dot points to sum up my life. Exciting times hey?


  1. A new car and an upcoming holiday are definitely exciting!! Not so much Ryley's hitting game.

    Enjoy the winter comfort food - it's been freezing. I could happily hibernate in winter - bring on spring.

  2. It just means that right now there is enough goodness around you that you don't have to moan and groan, doesn't it?

  3. anna@blogaboutablokeJune 18, 2011 at 9:30 AM

    Alison- I feel like I am hibernating right now. Which is actually a good thing LOL!
    Eric- There is plenty of crap, but for once, perhaps the goodness is outweighing typical crap. Better not say it too loud though!!!


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