A mini-break

It is finally coming up to the last week of school holidays, and I am looking forward to school going back. These holidays haven't been as bad as usual (I even braved places like the Fairy Park and Werribee Zoo on my own with just the kids), but I am craving routine, and I know my kids are as well. There is something very comforting about the routines of the school year.
Does that make me sad?
I keep reading and hearing about how much people have enjoyed their holidays with their kids and how they never want them to end, and I just kind of shrink back and smile pathetically (or is that sympathetically?) and move far far away (to my happy place).
Ryley is ready to be with his mates again.
He is over his parents and little brother. Especially since the little brother has assumed the position of Ryley's voice, and therefore, much to Ryley's amusement, talking for him, picking his clothes, and assigning toys.
Bit like a PA really.
Braeden will work out soon enough that Ryley should be paying him good dollars for all his hard work. The outfit he picked out today was just gawjus darlink.  And entirely inappropriate for a 40 degree day.
So cute, it brought a tear to my eye.
They are such good mates.

I decided to surprise David on Friday with a weekend away to Portland. Not one of the romantic kind.
Oh no.
One that contained fishing, beach, exploring stuff, um...beach, fishing, exploring stuff...and...fighting, whinging kids!
How could you resist?
We did have an ok time, despite the lack of entertainment for the kids.
They got sick of chasing seagulls. Bored of fishing (not that I can blame them, I get annoyed when I don't catch anything, especially when I can see the bloomin' things swimming around and eating my bait).
They then got bored of the beach and refused to go in the water.
Even finding shells lost it's appeal.
I did pick up a crab only to remember how allergic I am to them (one stinging face later). Much to the amusement of my husband.

We did end up catching a few fish though which meant Braeden drew fish all the way home in his sketchbook. Ryley caught the first fish so that made him very proud, plus he walked miles on the sand without any assistance, so that made ME proud. Braeden loved the petrified forest and spent a few minutes trying to work out what it was.

So this week we have a gastroenterology appointment, school interview and then....SCHOOL back on Friday. Then it's Ryley's birthday on Saturday. Busy. Busy. Busy.

Waiting patiently at this stage

Hold it like this Ryley

Good catch Ryley! Lucky that one didn't get away..it's so BIG

Ryley wandering on his own

Braeden and Meerkat pondering the petrified forest

Mmmm whiting.

Just hanging out with Mum


  1. I know what you mean about routine... ELlie isnt even at school yet, and she likes routine. Your weekend away sounds nice and lots of fun, even if the kids did get a bit bored... Sorry to hear about your crab sting.... Even though I did chuckle at it in your story : ) Sorry!!! Hope your ok now. Looking forward to celebrating Ryleys birthday with him and you guys xx

  2. It was great to get away, although I stupidly forgot how quickly kids get sick of things! They both had fun though!! It's funny, cos I didn't even register when I picked up the dead crab and got the kids to touch it. I wiped my face and then started stinging. I couldn't work out why the stinging kept getting worse everytime I touched my face LOL! Suddenly I clicked. David has never seen me pour a bottle of water over my face so quickly!!! It took about 1/2 an hour for the stinging to subside. I am an idiot!!
    See you Saturday xox


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