How's those holidays going for you?

Ours are starting to go a little downhill.
It's not that we aren't loving being on holidays. Oh no.
It's just that, well, boredom has started to kick in for Ryley, and that's when the trouble starts.
I am a little wiser now, and he does have 3 days of holiday program coming up (why didn't I ask for more????) and that will help alleviate some of that boredom, but crikey, that child of mine sure likes to let us know how bored he is!
You all know about his famous whinge-right?
Well it's back.
With a vengeance!!!!
I don't blame him. We are spending our time trying to clean and organise the house and shed.
But, in all fairness, I have taken him shopping most of the day today, and STILL, he is moaning!
Playschool? Over it.
Trampoline? Over it.
Swing? Yep, you guessed it, over it.
OK, what about driving in the car, checking out what everyone else is doing? Over it.

Tomorrow, I am heading out to a friends place then taking Ryley to Melbourne to Ikea. He will love it (I hope?!). Then his cousin Talia is coming to stay, so he was pretty excited to hear that. With a bit of luck (and planning) we might get through these holidays...

PS. I have edited this to add: I am secretly actually really happy that Ryley is bored, because it means that he is feeling well within himself, which is FANTASTIC! He is still coughing and he vomited again through the night last night, but it is a really good sign when he is bored!!


  1. I hope IKEA helps - it usually helps me when I'm bored!!

  2. Love the new background! You have a beautiful family!

    I want to go to IKEA.

  3. This happens to just about every kid on holiday. A bored child is an opportunity for the child to create his own interesting use of time, time of potential cognitive growth. Also a time for a parent to foster that growth - giving choices that the parent can live with and sticking to it. Good luck with this! Barbara


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