Hello 2011

So, it's a new year.
Nothing much has changed except for the fact that I am trying to clean out the house of old toys and clothes and I seem to be getting nowhere.
Two trailerloads of rubbish have gone already, as well as a bootload of stuff for the salvos. As I look around all I can see is stuff scattered throughout the house and shed.
I hate that you have to make mess to clean up (or is that just me??).
Ryley is bored to the max too. I had to resort to taking him for a drive around town this arvo because he was pinching me so hard that either I had to take him out in the car or lock him in his room. I chose the former.

For those that live in Australia that read my blog, what is with this weather??? Floods in QLD, Heatwaves in WA, and stupid strange weather in VIC. Although the weather is always strange in VIC, so not sure what my point is. The weather feels like Spring here. Gorgeous sunshine, but I want a few more degrees. I am over the cold (mind you, give me a week of hot weather and I will be complaining that I miss the cold, you watch).

Hope you all had a safe and happy new year. I am not confident that this year is going to be a good one and I hope I am eating my words this time next year. Sometimes I just get a feeling, ya know. But we WON'T go there today. I will think positive. I will think positive!


  1. I really hope to see you eat those words this time next year Anna!!!

  2. I hope you eat your words too... I am hoping for a healthy year for Riley and all our kiddos.... Fingers crossed!!!

    Totally understand the business about having to make mess to clean up... I did that a month or so ago, clearing out the rumpus room.. aghhhh it is never ending!! But you feel so much better after it dont ya : )

  3. I'm also hoping for a fabulous 2011 for your family!!

    I hate cleaning the house out. I have no idea how I accumulate so much stuff!!! I decided from now on for each bag of stuff I bring into the house at least one has to leave. It is a good theory, but probably won't work.


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