Been a while

Yeah. It has been a while between posts.
I have just been...well...too busy! We are still on school holidays here and they are fast becoming the longest holidays in the world.
We have done well up until now with only a few incidences of whinging (as seen in one of my earlier posts).
But it is starting to get a bit tricky to find things to do now.
But. We will press on. I am working 2 days this week and then the following week we have a heap of appointments so that should fill in some time (oh joy).

Here are some more holiday photos (that way I don't have to bother writing-sorry for the slackness).
Singing Happy Birthday again

The red tyrannosaurus rex birthday cake. As requested by Braeden.

Demolition time!

Um...Dad...I like that it is a Ryley sized door and all...but um..what happens when I grow??


  1. Glad you're OK. I was worried that you were quiet because you may have flooded.

  2. Yeah we are ok Alison, floods no where near our part of town really (well apparently there was, but I couldn't see any!!). My sister in law lost everything in the Carisbrook floods, but they will be ok. David has been working both during the peak of the floods as well as the massive clean up. So it has been a very full on time! Not to mention trying the keep the kids amused!

  3. Cute photos! The b-day cake is very cool.


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