Happy 3rd Birthday Braeden (Dear Braeden)

Today, my beautiful Braeden turned 3. Hard to believe it really.
I am so proud of him. He is like a little sponge at the moment, soaking up everything. I will never ever get sick of how quickly he learns things!
He has had a great day today, just hanging out at home playing with his presents, watching some TV, seeing his Nan and Grumpy and..er..helping David plaster.
Every year, as part of this blog, I want to write a letter to each of my boys on their birthday.
Here is this years.

Dear Braeden,

What a year! It has flown past so quickly! I was so excited to see your face this morning when you saw all your presents. I have never seen you so excited before!! You jumped up and down and squealed when you saw all those presents for you.
You have made us so proud this year. We love how you find joy in the smallest things. You ask us about everything and want to learn learn learn. We love how you help your brother, but at times, we know he annoys you, like all brothers do. We don't mind if you two fight sometimes, it's ok, we won't get mad unless you start kicking or hitting too hard. Then you are in trouble!!
I can't believe we are still breastfeeding either! I know you are starting to wean and that you will miss your "more", but you will find comfort in other things and I will still always be here for your cuddles.
More than anything Braeden, I hope you are happy and that you never feel left out. We try really hard to have a balance in our lives and to make sure both you and Ryley have your needs met. So far, so good, but we will probably have some bumps along the way this year as we have so many medical appointments to go to for Ryley. We will always teach you to speak up and tell us if you are feeling left out, or upset. You are both as important to us as each other. We love you both so very much.
Braeden, you are the light of our lives. You bring us laughter, joy and happiness every single day.
We could not be more prouder of you.

Lots of Love from Mum and Dad xxxooo

Finally, here are some pics of the birthday boy:
Small birthday cake only for today. The big one is still to come.

Oooh a fishing rod! Can we go now Dad??

His new bike. Prefers his dinosaur figurines though.

His "castle" as he calls it. Present from Ryley


  1. How cute is he???
    I hope you had a great birthday Braeden!!!

  2. What an awesome letter Anna.

    Love that you & he are still breastfeeding too.

    My 25 month old is still feeding and not looking like giving up anytime soon.

    Happy 3rd Birthday Braeden!

  3. Happy Birthday sweet Braeden! Ryley is so lucky to have you as a little brother. :)

  4. Happy Birthday Braeden!! I love the cake picture. What a cutie!!

    Anna, I love the letter writing idea. I might have to start doing that.


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