So tired, it hurts

(It's a hole in the ground don't cha know).

I think I am slightly delirious.
I have had pretty much no sleep since I don't know when.
I took Ryley to the local hospital last night, only to be told "You would be better off going to the RCH".
I had to 'convince' an intern (who seriously looked like he was 12 years old) that I had brought Ryley to the hospital for an actual reason, not just because I wanted to hang out.

We still have no answers about what is wrong with Ryley (because since my last post he became crap again). Although he has seemed better today. Do I dare even say that??

Braeden is ridiculously unsettled, and has decided to compensate by breastfeeding all night.

I went to a mind blowlingly offensive seminar yesterday on grief and loss for parents who have a child with a disability. It was so offensive that we walked out.
The scary thing is that it was for professionals who work and advocate for families who have a child or adult with a disability.
Oh good.

Sighs. Sighs.

Is it too much to ask that my Ryley gets better?

I am praying for some sleep tonight. I am praying that Ryley gets better. I am praying for some normality to return to our lives. Because I am sick and tired of sickness and tiredness.


  1. all my thoughts, love and prayers are with you all, hope Ryley is better soon, and sorry to hear about the seminar :(

  2. Hey Anna, :-(
    We've been away and I just read your last 3 posts.
    I'm thinking of you. Love and prayers going straight to you all. You must be so stressed and Ryley must be so over it all. Take care and if there is anything at all I can do, please let me know.
    Jen. XX

  3. We are praying too. I hope everything is better soon and you get much needed rest.

  4. So sorry to hear he is still sick and that you are so exhausted. Am praying for a good night for you all.

    Am curious about the mind blowingly bad seminar now...

  5. Oh Anna.... I feel for you...I really hope they work out what is making Ryley feel so crap... and in turn you get some rest... If I l lived closer, i would most definatley be dropping you a hot meal off, or help with the boys.. Sending big hugs your way xxx

  6. I hope by the time you read this Ryley is MUCH better. And, NO, IT IS NOT TOO MUCH TO ASK THAT RYLEY GETS BETTER!!! Many prayers are going up from Riga and I hope he will be fully recovered by the time we get back.
    I am proud of you for walking out of that dreadful seminar, but sorry that you had to wast your time going. People just don't get it, do they?


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