If I may ask why did Ryley need to have so many of his teeth pulled?:) Kristy

HI Kristy,

I didn't really explain that in my blog post did I?!
Ryley had very bad teeth. He used to grind his teeth, so the back molars were actually ground down to nothing. All his teeth were weak to start off with, so the combination of grinding and then all the medications that he has had for the past 8 years has meant that they were decayed to nothing (plus we have no flouride in our water, so to some degree that hasn't helped I guess!).

He didn't even get all of his baby teeth! So he was missing some of his molars and some of them were only stumps, so hadn't formed properly.

His bottom teeth were only just starting to rot, but they felt that they were the ones in danger of causing him the most pain, so needed to get them out as well, even though they looked ok.

I think teeth issues are part of WHS. Until his top teeth started to noticibly be eroding away, we didn't think there was any issues. We rarely got to look in his mouth, and teeth cleaning always had to be with lightening speed!

Hope that answers the question!!

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  1. Thanks for the response Anna. I have been wondering about teeth and WHS for a while now. At 16 months Dylan has 5 teeth. They have kind of come in in a strange order. First he got his bottom 2 then he got 2 molars on the left side, one on the top and one on the bottom. This all happened when he was around 13 months old. Then just this past month he finally got one of his top teeth. So far they appear to be normal looking teeth. I just thought it was strange to get molars before the front teeth. I have yet to take Dylan to the dentist, but maybe I should just to see what's going on. Thanks for the explanation. Hope Ryley is back to his old self. :)


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